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Version 5.3.2 - Requires Android 4.0 or later.



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Do you know how to download and install it?

To install ShazaMusic once downloaded, you may need to enable installation from Unknown Sources. Enabling installation from Unknown Sources allows the installation of apps, like ShazaMusic, from sources outside of app stores, like directly from us (ShazaMusic).

To enable installation from Unknown Sources, open Settings from the home screen or app launcher.

Scroll down and tap Security.

In Security, tap and enable installation from Unknown Sources.

A confirmation dialog may appear. If so, tap OK.

With installation from Unknown Sources enabled, ShazaMusic can now be installed by simply opening the downloaded ShazaMusic.apk (APK stands for Android Application Package). To open ShazaMusic.apk, first open Downloads from the home screen or app launcher.

Then find and tap ShazaMusic.apk.

Proceed with the installation. If you use a screen dimmer, you may need to pause it to install ShazaMusic. For security reasons, Android prevents app installations while apps that paint directly to the screen, like screen dimmers, are running. You can resume the screen dimmer after ShazaMusic is installed.

Once installed, open the app, and from all of us here at ShazaMusic, enjoy!